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Located conveniently in Tacoma’s Proctor District, TAISO Fitness is unlike any other gym or fitness program. We believe in the art of mindful movement. We teach our clients to celebrate their bodies, discover their natural abilities through exercise and play, and authentically strengthen the connection between the body and brain. Our instructors provide individualized attention and customized training support to help you reach your personal goals — and having fun while doing it!

We offer a full range of classes from group fitness and yoga, to customized personal training implementing state of the art, brain-focused techniques, as well as martial arts classes.

Our Services

Group Fitness

Fun and challenging group fitness classes, perfect for all levels! Learn more about our Group Fitness classes >

Personal Training

Personal Training sessions tailored to your needs. Learn more about Personal Training at TAISO >

Martial Arts

Samurai Martial Arts Tacoma is our Self Defense, and Martial Arts program. Learn more about Martial Arts classes >

What people are saying about TAISO

“I love the idea of small group training.  It is personalized training but better.  The small groups accommodate all levels.  I had pain problems when I signed up, and the weightlifting has helped my pain because Jennifer and Butch have different levels for the exercises, and you can build your way up.  They also adjust exercises and/or come up with alternatives, if needed.  Jennifer was great about getting me through a period when I might have slacked off the gym, and I have been much more consistent about going to this gym than any other gym I have belonged to.” – Linda Warmuth
Linda Warmuth