Frequently Asked Questions About Taiso Fitness and Nutrition

What is Taiso Fitness and Nutrition?

When we started this journey we wanted Taiso Fitness to be different. Different than the big box gyms that everyone has a membership to, but never actually goes. Different than boot camp classes that assume everyone’s goals can be met, and current fitness is appropriate for, a one-size-fits-all class. And different than the highly effective, but costly, full-time one-on-one personal training.

So we created a gym experience in which your personal goals, and current fitness level are the foundation. Then a custom program is developed for you. You then execute that program with a group of 8 or less members while a coach is supervising and instructing. Then after a few weeks a new program is created for you.

We use a variety of skills and tools to get you to your goals safely. We use yoga, a variety of body-weight and gymnastic exercises, TRX, kettlebell, free-weights, etc… to be effective and to keep your program fun. And oh yeah, the place is CLEAN! That seems to be a big deal, because people always comment on it.

But the biggest difference is that our program is neurologically-driven.

So, what do you mean by neurologically-driven?

Ultimately our brains control everything we do, and every aspect of our body. But our brain’s have a specific hierarchy of trust for different signals. For example, lets say you had a car wreck and it effected your back, and your balance.  If you only focus on re-habbing your back physically you will probably have back pain the rest of your life, because the pain itself is tied to both the movement of the back and to the balance system. You will have to fix both in order to be effective.

Here is the hierarchy of trust and some of the stresses that impact pain and performance.

What about personal training?

We love personal training! In fact, if you come to see us about chronic pain or elite performance, we often see measurable results in the first visit . Want to squat without pain? Got chronic back problems? Want to throw a baseball faster? Jump higher? Since 2010, we have been the only Z Health Certified Movement Coaches in the South Sound / Tacoma area.

What is Samurai Martial Arts Tacoma?

Samurai Martial Arts Tacoma is based on ancient traditions from historic samurai arts and adapted to modern challenges. This program provides a unique opportunity for personal development. It integrates mindful problem solving that incorporates awareness, conflict resolution, and overcoming physical obstacles.

Currently, our program is offered to adults and mature teens. It begins with fundamental movement to develop balance, flexibility and coordination. Students have a fun fitness program that also address situational awareness, verbal and physical boundary setting, as well as verbal and physical conflict resolution.

As students progress they learn more traditional skills, as well as the historical and cultural context in which those skills were developed.

Jujutsu is the most all encompassing art we teach. It is a system of problem solving that places emphasis on leverage and control, rather than pure strength.

Ninjutsu is a system of subtle influence to achieve one’s goals. While we do teach some modern applications and tie-ins, this art is taught mostly from a traditional stand point.

Kobudo is the study of traditional Japanese weapons systems. Our instruction is on the use of the sword, the staff and weapons derived from those systems.