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Associate Induction Hypothesis

The Associate Induction Hypothesis offers a different way to understand cell structure, energetics, and health.

Over the last few years I have realized TWO things about nutrition and cellular biology. First, I don’t know as much as I thought I did. And second, neither does anyone else.

I say this because the generally accepted “theory” of cellular energetics is just that – “theory.” Well, if it is just a theory I wanted to know what some of the other theories might be.

More importantly if our understanding of the most basic human function, the creation of energy at the cell, is incomplete or inaccurate then how does this effect our overall understanding of health, and metabolism.

I wanted to comment on this interview because it lays the foundation for several ideas you will hear in later interviews. Many of the later interviews offer an approach and explanation to many health and metabolism issues I have seen or experienced.

Based on those explanations and the results I have seen, I am willing to consider the further implications of this approach.

In this interview, Danny and Phil discuss the Associate Induction Hypothesis.

Here are some of the main points I got out of the interview.

5:20 Phil describes the dominate view of the Membrane Pump and idea of cell receptors  that only interact with certain chemicals.  This is the mainstream model of the cell based on a phospholipid bi-layer around the cells and the use of mechanical pumps.

It can be a little difficult to follow without some visuals. Here is a series of videos to help from the Kahn Academy. At 11:20 in this video they present the mechanical pump theory.

10:15 Phil introduces the Living Protoplasm perspective. The idea that the cell is […]

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Big Changes for the New Year

We have moved to Proctor for the New Year.  

We are starting our New Year  at a new address We are now at 3819 North 27th Street, Tacoma Washington 98407, between Foxfire and the Post Office. A temporary banner sign is up now, until the permanent signs are installed.

In the new space we were able to add 140 square foot of additional green tatami style flooring, but the shape of the space makes it seem even bigger.

Parking for the new space are the spaces 3-10 marked “RESERVED” right in front of our door. Our entrance is at the bottom of the ramp.

Personal Programs AND Group Classes.

In addition to the Defying Gravity Classes on Monday and Wednesday nights at 6:30, keep an eye on the schedule for the traditional Taiso Group Classes to return.

There will be one class on the schedule each night. During that time you will be able to register for either the group class, or your Individual Program.

Weight Loss and Goal Setting.

The old Jeans Challenge weight-loss program and the RESOLUTE Online program have been combined. Now Monday nights at 7pm we will have a “Mind Gym” to help you focus on goals, habits, change and weight loss.

New Years Resolution Support!

To help you get started with your New Years fitness goals we want to help you reinforce the habit of working out. To do this we are offering a 60 day unlimited attendance upgrade to the basic membership. For $60 you get to come in six days a week. Its a great way to combine your personal program and the new group classes!

Eight Week Trial Membership.

If you are new to Taiso we want to give you time to get to know us and figure out if […]

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Beginning Crow

Ready to begin crow? At Taiso Fitness we integrate many forms of training from yoga, gymnastics, and martial arts to TRX, kettlebell, and barbell. The Defying Gravity program is a dynamic body weight based fitness program that progresses like a martial art. As you gain mastery over various yoga, gymnastics, and martial arts inspired movement you earn colored wrist bands similar to martial arts belts. Each band level unlocks a new series of skills.

Crow is a great introduction to hand-balancing. It is a great low-threat way to develop not just the balance for more difficult movements, but also the core strength, shoulder stabilization, and wrist flexibility.

One of the many core strengthening exercises appropriate for this is the TRX tuck. This version has been slightly modified to bring the knees near the elbows to more closely mimic the requirements of crow.

Using down dog and variations including the down dog pushup are good ways to improve shoulder strength and stabilization. In this version we are using the the down dog push up with the feet on a box. This is normally the third variation introduced and may not be appropriate if you are just getting started.

Finally, here is a simple, low-impact wrist flexibility drill. In the video I am working on flexing the wrist. But I am also pressing into the wall to create active resistance which is more beneficial than only doing passive flexibility training.

Taiso Fitness and Nutrition

If you are looking for a shared personal training experience try Taiso Fitness and Nutrition. We are Tacoma’s fitness and nutrition gym for people who want to get out of pain or improve performance, who need immediate, measurable results, and want to make educated decisions to take control of their […]

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Homo Urbanus 30 Minute Squat

Life in the urban jungle is full of opportunities to rest. We have furniture to sit on in our homes, where we work, in our transportation, and most places we visit. The urban jungle in Western society has so many places to sit that culturally we have forgotten the squat as a resting position.

Look at small children playing and it doesn’t take long to find one in a perfect squat. No one had to coach the child on what the squat was supposed to look like. No one has to tell the child to keep its weight on its heels, where its feet go, or how to protect its knees. Why? Because they have not yet spent years in chairs altering its habits and deconditioning its muscles.

Our lifetime of sitting takes its toll. Most of the clients we meet have some sort of pelvis issues that contribute to knee and low back pain. Lack of squatting isn’t the only culprit here, but it is a significant contributor. We find everyone moves better when they are able to do a deep squat and hold it comfortably.

But if you are like most people we meet, you first have to be able to get into a squat before you can work on holding the squat for any length of time.

When we say a “full range-of-motion squat” we mean being able to squat as deep as a baby with no pain. A nerve glide you can perform to help with this may be practiced by laying on the back, raising the leg as high as possible without bending the knee, moving the leg across your body until the knee is at or past the […]

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Homo Urbanus Out of Breath

Breath for Fitness in the City

Throughout our blog we already have several resources for the importance of better breathing, as well as ways to achieve it.

So, here I will organize some of that material so you can go more in depth if you have not already read those articles.

To perform a good self-analysis for your breathing start with this article, Respiration Weight Loss and Metabolism. It is an excerpt from our RESOLUTE Weight Loss and Metabolism course. In it we touch on what is proper breathing, common issues we see daily, and how to resolve those issues.

Earlier this year we did a 30 Day Breathing Challenge. The challenge was composed of four videos with three exercises each. The purpose of the exercises was to improve posture, diaphragm control, and to help reduce the number of breaths we take each minute.

One of the ways we measured progress was with the length of our controlled pause. This was how long we could go between needing to take a breath.

Here are the links to the series:

30 Day Breathing Challenge Week One

30 Day Breathing Challenge Week Two

30 Day Breathing Challenge Week Three

30 Day Breathing Challenge Week Four

In our studio we ran the challenge for thirty days and it was so successful that we continued to indefinitely as part of our warmups before our workouts. Many participants saw at least a 50 to 100 percent increase in their controlled pause. This reflected their increased respiratory efficiency.

If you are just getting started with the Homo Urbanus article series we encourage you to start from the beginning and keep you eye out for the rest of the series.

Homo Urbanus is on the Hunt

Homo Urbanus Just […]

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Rituals, Weight Loss and Metabolism

We build rituals around everything we do. When we want to create change in our lives we need to consciously craft those rituals so the result we want is simply the default reaction, not something we have to expend creative energy to reach.

In Essentialism, Greg McKeown narrates the race ritual of Micheal Phelps, the most decorated American Olympian of all time winning 22 Olympic medals. At the 2008 Olympics in Beijing China we set a record for most first place finishes by any athlete in a single Olympics, eight gold medals.

Two hours before a race Michael Phelps would conduct the exact same warmup swim every time, in the exact same order.

After the swim he dry off, put on his headphones and sit on the massage table. Always sitting, never lying down.

From this point forward he would not speak to his coach or anyone else until after the race was over.

At 45 minutes before the race, he would get dressed for the race. At 30 minutes he would go to the warmup pool for a 600 meter swim.

At 10 minutes before the race we would walk to the ready room and find a place where he could sit alone. He would place his goggles on one side and his towel on the other.

When his race was called, he would walk to the blocks. He always approached the blocks from the left side. He would dry the block every time, and perform the same two stretches, in the exact same order, always with the left leg first. Then he would remove the right earbud.

When his name was called he would remove the left earbud.

Phelps also had a routine for what to think about every night before […]

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Spiritual Energy, Weight Loss and Metabolism

For the purpose of this program, when we talk about spiritual energy renewal we are talking about our actions being consistent with our values.

When we do things we feel good about, that are in line with our values they become a source of spiritual energy which can extend our physical and emotional energy.

But when we do things that are in conflict with our values, they become a drain on our physical and emotional resources.

In the movie Promised Land, actor Matt Damon portrays a character who purchases land for gas exploration. He sometimes misleads people to get them to sell, but he has great conviction in his work and is spiritually driven because he believes he is right. He had grown up in a small town and seen first-hand the devastation that occurs when the jobs leave and the last hold outs are left with nothing.

Once his character has a change of heart about the company he works for, he can no longer lie to get people to sell. Once his actions were inconsistent with his values they became an overwhelming drain on his energy.

In this story we can see how our values can have a great impact on our energy and motivation. They can either provide support and longevity to our physical energy or they can drain us and drag us down.

But in order to make use of our spiritual energy we have to be clear about what provides our spiritual energy to begin with.

Asking the question, “how does healing our metabolism and finding health line up with our values?” This question will help you organize your motivations and keep yourself focused through the changing process.

What are your personal values? Values are action based, […]

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Mental Energy, Weight Loss and Metabolism

Mental energy is our ability to focus on a task, undistracted for a period of time. It is our willpower. And it functions like a muscle. For our minds to best direct mental energy, it needs to be driven hard for short bursts and then given sufficient time to recover.

Imagine a sprinter on a track. The sprinter gives it his all for a short period of time then takes an equal or often longer, period of time to recover. When the sprinter is ready for their next performance the results are directly tied to how well sprinter was able to recover.

Our best mental performance comes when we are able to fully engage in a task for a short period of time, then take a break that allows our brains time to recover.

Now consider that our brains make up just two percent of our bodies weight, yet consume an astounding twenty-five percent of our calories. This is critical to understand because it underlines our immense needs for physical energy. If the physical energy needs are not being met we have the additional deficient in our mental energy.

Additionally, physical movement directly stimulates our mental energy. In “A Few Good Men” Tom Cruises’ character was in trying to solve a problem and said he needed his bat. He said he thought better with it. After taking a few swings and walking around the answer came to him.

Many of us get our best ideas taking a walk or in the shower when we are moving around.  This is because the brain is fed from bottom to top and back to front. About 800,000 signals per second enter our sensory cortex, they are consolidated and only about 200,000 are […]

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Emotional Energy, Weight Loss and Metabolism

Our physical energy renewal was based on four factors, nutrition, breath, physical activity, and recovery. They re-energized the body on a physical level, and depending on the depth of our interest they may or may not have provided an emotional energy renewal.

For example a dinner in front of the TV, even if shared with someone else may not provide an emotional energy renewal. You may need an undistracted meal, paired with in depth conversation in order to feel emotional renewal. But someone else may be fine having dinner in front of the TV with someone if they both really enjoy the show and the shared experience.

Similarly, one person may begrudgingly walk their dog just long enough for the dog to poop and hurry home. While someone else may see a dog walk as an opportunity to bond with the animal and may get great emotional renewal from the walk.

We are all different and we all need to find ways to emotionally renew ourselves. Our emotional energy reserve is derived from positive emotions and is a key to sustained performance.

David Snowdon is an epidemiologist who studied 678 aging nuns. His interest was on factors that effects the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. Studying essays the nuns had written when they joined the order in their twenties, Snowdon found an amazing correlation between the nuns who were optimistic and those that were pessimistic. Those that focused more on positive emotions lived longer, happier lives and were less likely to develop Alzheimers.

John McEnroe was one of the most colorful personalities in tennis. He was famous for his spontaneous bursts of anger over his performance or a disagreement with an official. In a legendary match with Ivan Lendl […]

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Sleep, Weight Loss and Metabolism

The function of the parasympathetic nervous system is rest and repair or sometimes called rest and digest.

During slow wave sleep the body relaxes, breathing becomes more regular, blood pressure falls, and the brain is less responsive to outside stimuli. The pituitary gland releases growth hormone, which stimulates tissue growth and muscle repair.

In a study with the Stanford men’s basketball team. They slept ten hours a night for five weeks. The results were that the freethrowing percentage improved by 9 percent, the three point shooting improved by 9.2 percent and their 80 meter sprint was faster.

REM sleep is to the mind what slow sleep is to the body. REM sleep is when your brain dreams and reorganizes information. Your brain clears out irrelevant information, boosts your memory by connecting the events since your last sleep to your previous events, facilitates learning and neural growth.

One of the ways it repairs the brain is to remove toxic proteins from its neurons that are the by-products of neural activity when you are awake. Unfortunately, it can only do this when you are asleep. And when the toxic neurons are not removed they wreck havoc on your prefrontal cortex effecting cognition, creativity, problem solving and inhibition.

Sleep deprivation means you can’t recover physically, your immune system weakens, and your brain becomes foggy.

Sleep deprived individuals are at increased risk of viral infections, weight gain, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, mental illness, and death.

One of the ways it does this is by raising the stress load on the body and the cortisol levels. A lack of sleep helps break down skin collagen making you look older by reducing the elasticity of the skin.

In men, not enough sleep reduces testosterone levels and […]

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